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Not too many events are as incredible as witnessing new life be brought forth into the world. And I’ve had the pleasure of capturing this most priceless moment several times in my career. Every time, the same thing happens… I cry. But that’s the only thing that is the same about witnessing a birth. Each one is unique, and has it’s own special story. Every Mother-to-be is different, every doctor, hospital or birthing center, and every family experiences something completely different than the next. It truly is an honor to be chosen to capture the very first moments of life for a human being. I’m one of few people who get to be in the room, to see the moment that baby takes their first breaths, makes their first sound and meets their parents. I get to see the strength of the woman who is pushing that life into the world, and the way her husband or family look at her in awe of her power in those moments. It really is something that is indescribable. Here is a small peek into a few moments from the day sweet Hallie Rose came into the world as we know it.

Kimberly Brooke Photographic, Austin TX Birth Photographer

Austin TX Birth Labor and Delivery Photographer

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