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This lovely lady is beautiful and talented! Brooke graduated from high school this year, and she is off to do great things at the University of North Texas in a few weeks. I absolutely LOVE Senior Portraits, and this young lady made her session super fun by bringing her talents to the session. She brought her guitar with her for some photos, and she even sang me a tune while we captured her gorgeous images. Thanks for allowing me to photograph this for you, Brooke! Congratulations and remember me when you make it big time.

Brooke_001 Brooke_002 Brooke_003 Brooke_004 Brooke_005 Brooke_006 Brooke_007 Brooke_008 Brooke_009 Brooke_010 Brooke_011

Austin Senior Portraits

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  • Katia - Kimberly, these are absolutely beautiful images. So crisp and sharp, the lighting is amazing and the senior is also beautiful.
    Great captures.ReplyCancel

Sometimes there just aren’t really words to say about certain photos or particular sessions that I photograph. This is one of those, where the images say it much better than I can. This sweet baby was such a blessing for her parents and you can just see how much they love her in these images we captured when she was just 2 weeks old. Sweet baby Isabella came earlier than expected, so we waited a little longer to capture her newborn photos. She was just the sweetest, cutest thing. She was awake for a lot of our time together, and it was really amazing how focussed her eyes were on her parents. Enjoy! XOXO – KB

Castriotta_005 Castriotta_003 Castriotta_002 Castriotta_004 Castriotta_006 Castriotta_007 Castriotta_008


Austin Newborn Photographer

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Ahh love, sweet love. One of my MOST favorite things about my job is capturing the special relationships between people. I think I get to see things differently, a unique glimpse into people’s relationships in a special way that not everyone else has the chance to. I am lucky to witness people interacting with each other in the sweetest of ways. They’re all dressed up and looking their best, they’re excited (or nervous) about having their photos taken, I take them to a beautiful, secluded location and direct them in posing and interacting with one another, and all of it unfolds so beautifully. I get to see, close up, the way they look at each other and talk with one another, how they hug and kiss and hold hands and communicate. And it’s all because we are there to create and capture these authentic moments and celebrate their love. Yes, this is definitely one of the best parts of my job. 

Rus&Mere_001 Rus&Mere_002

Rus&Mere_003 Rus&Mere_004 Rus&Mere_005

Rus&Mere_006 Rus&Mere_007 Rus&Mere_008 Rus&Mere_009 Rus&Mere_010


This couple is very near and dear to my heart. And one of the things I hear them say over and over to each other is “Everyday I Love You.” It’s really sweet and they mean it. You could feel the love between them before, during and after the shoot and see it everyday. To make things even sweeter, Meredith wore her Mother-in-law’s wings around her neck and her grandmother’s earrings. I love when couples incorporate meaningful items and heirlooms into their session. It makes everything so much more romantic and nostalgic. I am beyond overjoyed that I sometimes get to capture these special moments for people as special to me as my “little” brother and his fiancé. It makes my heart want to burst.

Here’s to the beautiful couple…


Austin Engagement Photographer

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  • Katia - K,
    Beautiful, poignant and captured with beautiful lighting.
    Love the location too. Super cute couple.ReplyCancel

This lovely young lady is simply the best! Emme is heading to Auburn University in the Fall. She was nothing but a complete joy to work with for her entire Senior Portrait Session. She wanted to bop around SoCo and have something a little different than the other Senior photos she had seen, so that’s what we did. Her makeup was done by the marvelous Nisa Nicole, and we had a blast running around town and laughing together while capturing images for her graduation announcements, sorority applications and family gifts. I wish you nothing but the best Emme! I’m so glad that I got to take your Senior Portraits! Best of luck to you, my dear.



Emme_003 Emme_004 Emme_005 Emme_006 Emme_007 Emme_008

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  • Katia - K,
    I love every single image in this session but that first one is just INSANE! I love this location. Where is this? OMG so jealous of these. I am a sucker for symmetrical lines and crisp sharp images. UGH too good!ReplyCancel